Mittwoch, 21. August 2013

One Flower Wednesday #34

Heute kann ich Euch meinen ersten Blumenkreis zeigen. Ich verwende verschiedene Grüntöne zwischen den Blumen. Deshalb habe ich bereits im ersten Kreis ein wenig variiert. 
Jetzt, da der Kreis fertig ist, finde ich den Kontrast in der Mitte etwas gering. Ich hoffe, dass sich das gibt, wenn mehr Blüten dazukommen.

Today I can show you my first circle of flowers. I wanted to show it last week, but it wasn't ready. So I missed another week.
Now as it is finished I think that the contrast in the middle is a bit too little. I hope when more flowers grow it will look good.

Mehr Blüten gibt es bei Journey of a Quilter 

More flowers you can find at Journey of a Quilter


  1. It is very beautiful and you have inspired me to make a quilt using the flowers. I have entered a flower in the challenge this week

    Thank you for the inspiration

    Love Chrissie x

  2. They are looking lovely, nice to see the garden growing.

  3. Very pretty flowers! I think you'll like it more and more as you add flowers.

  4. I love your circle of flowers, it looks very, very good!!!!

  5. love the flowers.........I think once you add the rest, the middle one will be fact, I don't see any problems with it now...we are always most critical with our own work...........

  6. Lovely flowers! I made a lap quilt a few years ago that is made from all different pieces, yes! Every single one :-) I must remember to take a photo of it and share on my blog, the hexagons are only 1"


  7. Your flowers are just lovely...great job in putting them together.